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We install in everything from daily drivers to SPL competitions

Want something unique? We've got you covered. Our systems win competitions. SPL, SQ, doesn’t matter. Speaker box building is part art and part science. We design our boxes to have the correct volume, shape, acoustics, and porting to make your system as loud and as clean as possible. Speaker boxes aren’t only for sub-woofers either We can make custom fiberglass kick-pods, and speaker pods to house your mid range and tweeters for optimal sound. We use computer software to determine the correct volume for your speaker enclosures, so they can sound their finest, and we utilize our mad skills to make them work in your vehicle. Check out our gallery page for some examples of what we can do.

Integrate top of the line stereo equipment into your vehicle with a stealth install, or a custom system that nobody else has. Fiberglass kick pods, sub boxes, sound bars, dash bezels, we can make it happen.

We can install amps, secondary or bigger batteries, and all the wiring you need to get your system off the ground.

Integrated or add on satellite radio receivers, iPod docks, remote video monitors, and in-dash DVD are all available.

Along with a new head unit, we can design a complementary speaker system that will ring true, and harness the full power of your music.

We also install new speakers that will fit your vehicle. There are over a dozen common speaker sizes used by car manufacturers, and we can help you to pick the right ones for your vehicle.

We install components from all the major manufacturers, such as:

  • Car Radios
  • Amplifiers
  • Subwoofers
  • Sirius & XM Radio Installations
  • iPod Integrations to Factory Radios
  • iPod Integrations to Custom Stereo Systems
  • DVD Player Installations
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Speakers and sub-woofers
  • Capacitors