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At Oxaudio we don’t just do audio. We are also mobile security experts.

We can install a state of the art alarm system to protect your vehicle from theft. At the most basic an alarm system serves as a warning to an intruder, beeping your horn and flashing your lights. The system says to anyone around, “Hey look over here, someone is trying to break in to me.” The problem with a basic system (which is what most factory vehicles have) is that cheap factory alarms go off so often, nobody pays any attention to them. While they may scare a would be thief away, the thief might just ignore the system and keep going. Plus if you aren’t near your vehicle, you won’t know its been broken into until its too late.

That’s where we come in. At Oxaudio we can install a more advanced pager systems to alert you when your vehicle is compromised. We can install glass break sensors, proximity alarms, and door sensors to protect your valuables, and make your ride a veritable fortress. The most advanced systems, page you via a key fob with graphic alerts, or even directly through your smart phone.

Care too much about your car to rely on only the alarm? We can install the most advanced GPS tracking systems money can buy. With a GPS tracking system, if your car goes missing, the police can find it fast. As an added bonus, a system like this may qualify you for insurance rate discounts. It’s up to you how much protection you want for your ride. With brands like Autopage, Viper and Python on your side your vehicle will be safe.

Your car is your home away from home, protect it like one, with a new alarm today.