Remote Start

Remote Start installation by Oxaudio

There are few things worse than getting in a freezing cold car in the winter, and having to wait for it to warm up, or sitting on a really hot leather car seat in the middle of July, when the heat is unbearable.

Remote start is the answer.

Avital Products Available

With systems like Avital and Viper we can install a system for you, so that you can start your vehicle from the comfort of your home. That way when you are ready to leave, you have a nice comfortable ride, to wherever you are going.

Systems can be integrated into your factory alarm wiring or in tandem with a new car alarm. Remote start saves you the headache of waiting for your car to warm up in the morning. Set your A/C on full blast (or your heater and defroster in the winter)
when you leave the car, and before you get in hit the button on your keys. Your vehicle will be comfortable and best of all, no waiting. Worried that your car is running unattended? Remote start systems have built in safety measures, including one that prevents theft. If the brake pedal is depressed without the keys in the ignition, the car stops dead. We install standalone systems, to retrofit your vehicle, or completely integrated security alarm and remote systems, that hook directly into your factory wiring harness.

Viper Smart Start System

Wanna leave your keys in your car so you don’t have to carry them? Or maybe you do it by accident a lot. That’s where smartphones come in. The newest systems integrate with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones to connect to your vehicle.
The Viper smart start system can be controlled from your Android, iPhone, or Blackberry Smartphone, allowing you the most freedom.

Set up an appointment today, and beat the heat this summer.