Details details details.

When it comes to cleaning your car the details are what matters. Getting every inch of it spotless, so that it looks its best.
We offer detailing service that can’t be beat. We can get out most stubborn stains, and make sure your vehicle sparkles. We offer
several levels of detailing for your vehicle.

Level I Detail: Level I includes your basic wash and vac. Its the basic car wash you get anywhere else, but with the Oxaudio attention to detail. We will wipe down the interior, vacuum the carpets, and wash the vehicle, including a window wash. Nothing crazy here but a good basic cleaning that will get you through that date Saturday night.

Level II Detail: Level II is like Level I on steroids. It includes your standard wash, but a little more attention to detail. After the car is clean, we will wax the body, wet finish the tires, armor all the interior as needed, and polish the wheels. This package gets you a nice clean car and all the protective finishes to help that cleanliness last.

Level III Detail: Ahh Level III. This is a cleaning your mom would be proud of. This is the clean that wins car shows, and brings home trophies. First, we clean the car. We wash, wax, wheel brite, tire wet, armor all and Windex the car from bumper to bumper. We also wipe down all the weather stripping around the doors and windows. Then we open the engine compartment. We proceed to degrease and dress the engine. This is a 35 point inspection that gets your car as clean as we can get it.


For all of our detailing customers we do ask that your remove all personal items from your vehicle before your appointment. This allows us to do a better job.

We do detailing by appointment only, so make sure you get in touch with us before we’re booked.

You make sure that you look your best, we can make sure that your car does too. That way you can make a good first impression, whether its for business or pleasure.