Car Stereo

Stereo installation is our specialty. The stereo is the brain of your mobile entertainment system, there’s a reason they call them head units. We install systems from all of the major manufacturers, and can use factory mounting locations, or fully custom dash bezels to make your new system blend in with the vehicle. We can install stereo systems that integrate with factory wiring harnesses, or we can get rid of all that old car wiring and replace it with brand new wiring, correctly gauged and shielded for your system.

Stereos with built in amplifiers, and stock batteries sometimes aren’t quite strong enough to run the monster systems that we install. We can install amps, secondary or bigger batteries, and all the wiring you need to get your system off the ground. Integrated or add on satellite radio receivers, iPod docks, remote video monitors, and in-dash DVD are all available. Along with a new head unit, we can design a complementary speaker system that will ring true, and harness the full power of your music. Check out our gallery page for some examples of what we can do. We also install new speakers that will fit your vehicle. There are over a dozen common speaker sizes used by car manufacturers, and we can help you to pick the right ones for your vehicle.

We build competition SQ and SPL systems that win awards.

Get the latest and most high tech stereos from all the major manufacturers installed in your ride. We install:

  • Car Radios
  • Amplifiers
  • Subwoofers
  • Sirius & XM Radio Installations
  • iPod Integrations to Factory Radios
  • iPod Integrations to Custom Stereo Systems
  • DVD Player Installations
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Speakers and sub-woofers
  • Capacitors
  • and award winning Custom SQ and SPL competition systems
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