Custom speaker boxes

Custom speaker boxes at Oxaudio are like nothing you’ve ever seen

Custom speaker pod integrated into factory trim

Custom box and amp rack

Custom stereo systems are our specialty. Systems that nobody else has. One of a kind systems that are as unique as you are.

We are the shop to go to in Philly if you want something that you can’t get anywhere else. Anything you want, we can build. Our systems win competitions. SPL, SQ, doesn’t matter. The secret is that we know what we are doing.

Speaker box building is part art and part science. We design our boxes to have the correct volume, shape, acoustics, and porting to make your system as loud and as clean as possible. Speaker boxes aren’t only for sub-woofers either We can make custom fiberglass kick-pods, and speaker pods to house your mid range and tweeters for optimal sound.We use computer software to determine the correct volume for your speaker enclosures, so they can sound their finest, and we utilize our mad skills to make them work in your vehicle. Maybe you already have a system in your car, and you think it sounds good. We bet we can make it sound better.

Custom dash mount speaker pods

We can integrate top of the line stereo equipment into your vehicle, making it look like it came straight from the factory or the lab of a mad scientist. Fiberglass kick pods, sub boxes, sound bars, dash bezels and anything else you can think of.

Whether you want to make that expensive stereo to blend in with the factory interior, or you want to make your car the envy of the neighborhood, we can do that.

This page just shows a very small sample of what we can do for you. To see more check out our gallery page, we update it constantly to show off a little bit of what we can do to your ride.